Can We Stop Pretending That Black Lives Matter?

By Tersoo Achineku

I have never been a big fan of subtlety and political correctness and I don’t plan on changing my orientation anytime soon. I’m black, Nigerian and proud of my heritage but will still say this till the man upstairs gets tired of our shit; ‘Black lives do not mean shit, especially to black people’. There, I just helped say what most of you were thinking already but couldn’t voice because critiquing other people will now earn you the cliched racist tag. Call me Uncle Rukus, Uncle Tom or a black white supremacist like Ben Carson (lol), I don’t care really.
Over the past year I have become totally engulfed by the beauty and grime of American politics, and I’ll be frank, Nigerian politics which affects me directly, no longer interests me. I have come to learn of political strategies that would take Nigerian politicians a few millenia, a shit ton of weed and a brain transplant to even phantom and as a lover of information and knowledge, I have become out of touch with my local politics. I have researched the McCains, Warrens, Waters, Clintons, Ryans, Carsons, Trumps, Pelosis, and I am addicted. So to those who will spew the usual ‘You’re not even American, who gives a damn about your opinion’, let me just say, I’m sorry but isn’t this an element of the globalism that you so much desire? Moving on, in my course of studying American politics, I have noticed one nasty demography that are suckers for identity politics, yes you guessed it, black Americans. Some black Americans make me laugh because half the time they believe that they are under some sort of oppresive regime that it makes us Africans who have the likes of Mugabe cringe. So that takes us to the first bullet point of the post.
Black Americans, what the fuck do you know about oppression?
“It’s nasty when you set us up then roll the dice to bet us up. You overnight the big rifles then tell Fox to be scared of us, gang members or terrorists, etcetera etcetera’
Kendrick Lamar; XXX (DAMN Album 2017)
This is a line from one of my favorite rappers of all time. K-Dot. As much as I agree with his music most of the time, I still detect when he’s just playing victim, which is rare but we’re all humans anyways. The lyrics speak for themselves. Apparently there is some conspiracy against black people, born out of segregation that, according to some Black Americans, is still alive. Apparently black people are oppressed by a lot of factors like systemic racism and white supremacy. Apparently, in the words of Chris Rock, “A black man has to run to achieve what a white man will fly to achieve.” Apparently, it’s really hard to make it out of the hood and virtually impossible to become something in life because, you guessed it, oppression. To those who believe in this pile of steamy hot horse manure, your stupidity knows no bounds, don’t breed. Slavery ended centuries ago but most black people are still in chains, not because of the white man but because of their own decisions. What oppression do you Black Americans think you’re toiling through? What rights do you think whites have that you don’t? I’d like to know that. I see people complaining about being denied a lot of things thanks to a system rigged against them and I clench my fists. You think you have it bad? Have you been to this side of the planet? Have you seen what oppression is? Let me educate you fools. Oppression is graduating with a Masters just to end up hawking beef rolls in traffic. Oppression is going to prison because you named your dog after the President. Oppression is when you get tear gassed because you protested, which is your fucking right! Oppression is when a government bans the use of commercial motorcycles without any replacement system, sending millions of people into the unemployment zone. Oppression is not having power despite spending billions of dollars on power projects. Oppression is when the children of politicians are shipped abroad for their education while locals sit on grass to learn the alphabet. Oppression is when the government flexes its muscles when seccessionists appear but hides when thousands are killed by Herdsmen. But no, Black Americans are oppressed by the establishment. FUCK YOU, FUCK YOU FUCK YOU!
Amongst all the things stated above, who spawned them? African leaders! Black people! Not green aliens or orange politicians, actual black people treating their own people like shit! Maxine Waters will scream impeach twice before dinner and thrice before bedtime and black Americans will cheer, ignoring that fact that they probably have no idea what her accomplishments are. Al Sharpton who for some reason is called an activist divides black people more than he unites but no, white people. Democrats rule a good chunk of black communities and still get voted every bloody time despite nobody being able to state what their accomplisments are. It’s almost like slavery all over again! The way CNN reports on issues about race, you’d think MLK was killed last week. Black Americans haven’t realized that they aren’t under oppression, they are the oppression.
Black lives only matter when it’s a white man doing the shooting

I was still in school when I first heard about CNN’s hands up don’t shoot crap and sadly, I became a staunch fan of Black Lives Matter. Heck, I even defended when those snipers took out the cops in Dallas thinking, it was bound to happen, you can’t keep hitting and expect not to be punched in return. But this was before I realized that black people do match that ‘coon’ stereotype. One of the biggest factors responsible for the so called segregation of black Americans is crime. Looking back now, I just realized that each time a new MediaTakeOut video dropped, I was bound to find some black dumbass doing something stupid. But let’s think about this for a moment, maybe black Americans are really being witch-hunted. Maybe the justice system is rigged against them. Maybe it’s all an oppressive plan aimed labelling people with black skin tones, criminals. Maybe. NOT! Blacks committed 52% of homicides between 1980 and 2008 despite being just 13% of the population. In 2013, Black criminals carried out 38% of murders, and their arrest rate was pegged at 38.5%. In one fricking year. In Chicago alone, black people commit 76% of all homicides even though they compose 35% percent of the population! I might be a college dropout but even I know that those numbers are horrid for a minority group. So you must understand my instant rage when I realized that BLM was a fake ass propaganda group that didn’t care about black lives in anyway. The group was set up to enforce the already strong anti-Police situation, even though people in the inner cities need the Police because their life depends on it, literally. Now don’t get me wrong, there are bad cops everywhere. In Nigeria, the prisons are made up of 60% innocents who have zero justification to remain locked up. In Nigeria you can get shot by the Police just because of your hair style. In Nigeria, people have gone to prison because they reported or prevented crimes. Yes, that happens a lot. So when you cherry pick one or two unjustified incidents and set it as a supposed standard, you are not fighting for the rights of anybody. For long there has been this ‘driving while black’ stereotype which although debunked, shows the amount of victimhood that Black Americans are under. Let us just totally ignore the above crime rates and complain about racial profiling instead. The truth remains that black youths are much more likely to be killed by someone with the same skin tones than a nervous cop. Black Lives Matter! Tell that to Biggie and Pac.
Racism isn’t holding any black man back!
When NFL players decided to take on Trump earlier this week, me and my friends laughed till our stomachs intervened. I mean, isn’t it just comical that people making millions from playing a game in a league made up of mostly people from one demography in a so called racist country are protesting racial inequality. Okay, I just chuckled again. Why do black people always gotta start stupid shit? Colin Kaepernick took a knee for the wrongest of reasons, BLM, and lost his job while pulling the NFL ratings along with him into oblivion. Now everyone is taking a knee because white supremacist Trump said they shouldn’t huh? Well guess what, there is no racial inequality or white privilege, there’s only rich and poor privilege. White people make up a larger part of the population so they surely must have more rich people. Same way Arabs are richer than white people living in Dubai or Chinese men outrank Africans living in Shanghai. So to say that there are racial divisions is just plain stupid. Nigerians leave to America, come back as millionaires and build homes in the country side while most Black Americans keep complaining about the system. My father is a proud Nigerian-American who has made a name for himself. He’s raised a wonderful extended family and is seen as an icon in his hometown and did all of this in a country that is supposed to hold black people back. I have friends who have gone over there to study and have come back to Nigeria to join the upperclass. We have doctors, lawyers, farmers, engineers who trained mainly in America and are making waves in Nigeria now. But no, racism gave them a pass right? I hate listening to the long list of reparations that Black Americans think that the world owes them. Here’s the thing, most black people born and bred in America by black American parents, think this. When your family has seen hardship and managed to enter the US of A, they tend to not have time for dwelling on racism because they have seen what it looks like on the other side. Is racism the reason why black people are avid dropouts? Is racism the reason why black people love to have children they cannot cater for? Is racism the reason why black people are more interested in being sports personalities or celebrities because according to history, that’s the only way to escape the hood? Is racism the reason why black people kill themselves for stupid reasons? Is racism the reason why crime is seen as a cash cow? I want to know just what racism does to hinder black Americans. Don’t get me wrong, racism does exist and sucks, but as a Nigerian who’s experienced what being in a shit hole entails, the stupid words of a racist person are just fresh air. You can call me nigga for years to come, it won’t bother me, I call my friends that already anyways.
I believe that everyone goes through challenges. We all have our battles regardless of our skin color, wage or social orientation. With that being said, I’d like to say that I am in no way belittling the experiences of people who have suffered from racism or lost opportunities because of their skin color. Racism does exist. And it’s evil. But it isn’t the problem of the black man. Imagine if all these people taking the knee were protesting the black on black crime rate in Chicago? Wouldn’t there be change? It hurts me each time I see black people being the butt of jokes. We deserve it most of the time. I mean, look at Houston. Guess who most of the looters were, Black people. And the saddest part is they were stealing shoes and drove away in sweet SUVs but will later cry oppression when caught. I don’t know about you all, but I think I speak for most Africans when I say get your shit together. If you think you’re being held back, I don’t mind trading places with you. I’m writing this piece on a Chinese android mobile phone in darkness, surrounded by mosquitoes that have straws and can’t wait for dinner. In America you don’t need much to make it. Look at the Cash Me Outside shit fest. In Nigeria, you could be Nikolai Tesla and you’d still die like Nikolai Tesla, poor. You can be whatever you want to be in America, but here on this side of the world, you only become what society allows you to be. I guess that’s why we don’t joke around when we come over there. If black Americans can just stop playing victim for one second. Maybe, just maybe, we could get closer to saving the world.


6 thoughts on “Can We Stop Pretending That Black Lives Matter?

  1. WOW!!!! This was so powerful!!! Thank you so much for being such a source of sanity and common sense, especially in the times we’re in now, THANK YOU!!! Brilliantly spoken!


  2. Great article! Instead of allowing globalists to destroy freedom, we should be expanding the foundations of liberty to Africa. Even the UN does not include the right to bear arms or free speech in their “Declaration of Human Rights”. These people are frauds.


  3. Wow! This blog post blew me away. Thank you for your perspective. Americans, no matter their race, are becoming more and more spoiled, and not fully aware of what an amazing land of freedom and opportunity they actually live in. So they resort to continually complaining about what an oppressive place it is. Thank you for doing what you can to wake us up to the fact that it is not. Please keep writing. Your voice is so important.

    Liked by 1 person

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